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Toothpicks have many uses, they can hold a sandwich together, check if a cake is done baking, or even create a tower with the use of gumdrops. However, their original purpose, to pick at teeth, is actually advised against. Here are the reasons why.

Teeth And Gum Damage

Toothpicks can be found in most restaurants for you to use to clean your teeth. However, if you clean your teeth too hard and too often with a toothpick, it can cause harm like:

  • Cracking tooth enamel
  • Damaging dental restorations
  • Harming gums
  • Fracturing tooth roots (especially if the gums are pulled away)

Picking at your teeth isn’t the only way to cause tooth damage. Chewing on a toothpick can crack and shift your teeth.

More About Toothpick Use

Dentists recommend using a toothbrush and floss to clean teeth. Toothpicks are a more archaic way to do so and aren’t as efficient. However, if no floss or brush is around, you can clean your teeth with a toothpick very carefully.