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It is time to get your cavity treated. Your dentist starts by numbing your mouth and drilling away the decay. They will then place a filling in your tooth. But wait! Have you discussed the different filling options with them? Before you get your cavity treated, learn about the three main types of fillings available.

  • Amalgam: Also known as a silver-colored filling, amalgam is perhaps the most common type of filling in the dental industry. Made from copper, silver, mercury, and tin, amalgam is very durable and the best choice for large cavities. It is also the most inexpensive and the easiest to place.
  • Composite Resin: These tooth-colored fillings are becoming more common by the day. Though more expensive than amalgam, composite resin fillings are popular because of their low visibility. However, because they are made of glass and quartz, they are not as durable and often only used for small to medium sized cavities.
  • Gold: Even though this type of filling is becoming less common, it still remains the strongest. Also known as onlay or inlay, a gold filling can last for over 20 years. However, this gold and copper filling is the most expensive and can take longer to create.