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Are you devoted to your smile and to your oral health? Do you work hard to keep your teeth healthy, and bright? Do you brush and floss every day? Did you know that even if you do all these things, but don’t visit your dentist for a routing cleaning once every six months, you actually aren’t doing everything you should?

Your dentist or oral hygienist has specific tools that can clean your teeth more thoroughly than you can at home. This means that they can remove stains and give you a whiter smile that you can’t get on your own. They are also able to remove tartar that causes gum disease.

Luckily, the most effective way to prevent gum disease is to keep up good hygiene. But, have you heard that even if you do everything you can, you aren’t immune. In both of these situations, visiting your dentist is crucial. For example, your dentist will be able to identify gum disease and help you remove the plaque that can lead to gum disease with more specialized tools than what you have at home.

In fact, preventing gum disease is one of the most important things you can do for your smile. Untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss and the loss of supporting bone structure. Also, gum disease has been linked with cardiovascular disease. This makes professional cleanings important for protecting both your smile and your heart.

Similarly, by having cleanings frequently, you’ll actually be able to save money. During a cleaning, your dentist will examine your smile for dental problems like cavities, loose fillings, oral cancer, and other signs of trouble. Addressing problems like these before they become serious is usually far cheaper than waiting until you need more extensive work.

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