Are you fearful of going to the dental office because of the large machines and the small tools? If so, your dentists at East Texas Dental Group LLC are proud to offer sedation dentistry in Tyler, Texas, that will take your fears away!
Dr. Young Shim, Dr. Alan Gerbholz, Dr. Daniel Kenney, Dr. Titus Son and Dr. Tim Wang understand that dental procedures could be a little bit scary at times, but with the help of sedation dentistry, you will never fear the dentist again. We offer oral sedation, nitrous oxide sedation, and IV sedation to help you relax and stay calm. These sedations have many different ways of taking effect on the patient, which includes:
• Oral sedation: This sedation technique is in pill form. We recommend that you take the pill about an hour prior to coming into the office. This will keep you awake throughout the treatment and will only make you feel a little drowsy and relaxed.
• Nitrous oxide sedation: This sedation, also known as laughing gas, is combined with oxygen and is inhaled through a mask. The small mask will be placed over your nose and your dentist will ask you to inhale through your nose for a few minutes. Once time passes, you will begin to feel a little light headed and tingly.
• IV sedation: This sedation is inserted into your body through an IV. This makes the effects of the sedation take place quickly. It also gives your dentist complete control on how much sedation is consumed.
For more information on sedation dentistry, call our office today!