A root canal treatment in Tyler, Texas, is generally needed when decay has damaged or killed the nerve of a tooth. It can relieve toothache, stop infection from spreading, and promote healing. The process of receiving root canal treatment can include the following steps:
• Dr. Young Shim, Dr. Alan Gerbholz, Dr. Daniel Kenney, Dr. Titus Son and Dr. Tim Wang will numb your gums with use a numbing
gel and local anesthetic to help you be more comfortable. If you are extremely terrified of the dental office, we provide
sedation techniques to help you relax. Sedation techniques or oral sedation are available to help you.
• Your dentist will clean out the infection in the tooth and treat it with dental medicine to promote healing and reject infection
• Your dentist will then fill the tooth with a substance that plugs the hole, which is most likely a dental filling.
• After the treatment is completed, your dentist might place a crown over the tooth to protect and strengthen it.
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