Are you worried about your child getting cavities at a young age and you are not sure how to prevent it? Well, let us help you understand baby bottle tooth decay in Tyler, Texas, a little bit better.
This condition is a type of decay that can attack and destroy the teeth of your infant or small child. Dr. Young Shim, Dr. Alan Gerbholz, Dr. Daniel Kenney, Dr. Titus Son and Dr. Tim Wang usually see baby bottle tooth decay in the infant’s upper front teeth, which are critical to your child’s smile. However, other teeth can also be affected by this decay.
Baby bottle tooth decay occurs when your child is frequently exposed to liquids that contain large amounts of sugar. These liquids can include milk, formula, fruit juices, and other sweetened liquids. The sugar in these drinks is the source of energy the bacteria need to grow and multiply.
Some ways to prevent baby bottle tooth decay are:
• Wiping the child’s teeth and gums with a damp wash cloth after they eat. Make sure to begin brushing your child’s teeth once the first tooth erupts out of the gums. You can also begin flossing your child’s teeth around age 2.
• Do not let your child fall asleep with a bottle that contains milk, fruit juices, formula, or sweetened liquid.
• If the child needs a bottle to comfort them between regular feedings, throughout the night, or during naps, fill the bottle with cool water. You can also give them a cleaned pacifier, but do not dip the pacifier in sweetened liquid.
• Begin taking your child to the dentist between their six and twelve months of age.
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