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Dental implants have been growing in popularity as a safe and effective solution for replacing a lost tooth. When implants first appeared on the scene, they were used to replace a single lost tooth. Over the years, technology and procedures continued to expand. Now they can also be used to provide anchor points for removable dentures.

If you lost multiple teeth due to periodontal disease or multiple tooth extractions, you may need a bone graft. This procedure is usually done a few months in advance in order to make sure that you have enough bone structure to anchor your implant firmly.

The number of anchoring abutments you might need can vary depending on the shape of your jaw and how much bone material is available. In most cases, the oral surgeon will recommend that you have four to six abutments anchored into your jaw.

Afterward, you will usually be given a temporary set of dentures. These will fit over the abutment anchors to protect them while you are healing. This will allow you to have functionality of your dentures while eating. A custom set of dentures can then be created that will lock into these anchors, giving you a much tighter grip than you can get with an adhesive alone.

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